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Enviro Power Activates First Field-Based SmartWatt Boiler

Bringing Combined Heat and Electricity to Hartford, CT Office Complex ...

HARTFORD, Conn. (PRWEB) January 07, 2019

Enviro Power, a Connecticut-based company bringing efficient, combined heat and power generators to the residential and commercial heating markets, today announced that the company has, for the first time, activated its commercial SmartWatt Boiler as part of a trial program at the Fuller Brush building complex in Hartford. Enviro Power’s boiler has replaced existing equipment in one of the office buildings at the campus and will is presently producing high-efficiency heat while at the same time generating low-cost electricity for 30,000 square feet of commercial office space.

“The turn-on of our SmartWatt Boiler at the Fuller Brush building is a significant achievement for our company and the engineering team led by our founder, Mike Cocuzza,” said Dan Nadav, CEO of Enviro Power. “By producing heat and electricity through a single unit, the SmattWatt Boiler can help building and home owners realize significant cost savings. The activation is a major step forward as we work to commercialize our technology and bring the SmattWatt Boiler to businesses and homes across the country.”

The Enviro Power SmattWatt Boiler is designed to meet a wide variety of heating needs in both commercial buildings and residential homes. The system, which can be powered by either propane or natural gas, generates cost-efficient heat in an environmentally friendly manner while simultaneously generating electricity, further reducing costs to the owner. The boiler can serve as either a primary or backup source of electricity for a building. The unit itself is compact in size and priced competitively against traditional boiler systems, enabling businesses or homeowners to replace existing, inefficient and antiquated equipment without incurring a major capital expenditure.

“This is an exciting time for Enviro Power and its supporters, as the company’s technology is deployed in a real-world environment for the first time,” said Patrick O’Neill, Managing Director of Venture Capital Investments at Connecticut Innovations, one of the company’s early backers. “From cost savings to improved efficiency to affordability, the benefits offered by the SmattWatt Boiler are many. We are confident that this activation is the first of many to come.”

In the coming year, the company expects to begin marketing efforts with an emphasis on bringing the SmattWatt Boiler to commercial buildings and multi-family homes across the country.

About Enviro Power:
Enviro Power is a Connecticut-based company bringing to market heating equipment that provides high-efficiency heat and generates low-cost electricity. Called SmartWatt, it gives building owners and homeowners the ability to lower both their heating and electricity costs with something every home and building needs anyway – heating equipment. For more information, please visit

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