A boiler that generates electricity

All buildings need heat. Why not generate onsite, cost-free, reliable, cleaner electricity while producing heat? Well, now you can. The SmartWatt Boiler

is the next-generation heating technology that enables building owners to produce efficient heating, generate free electricity and enjoy backup power, all in one system.

Meet the SmartWatt Boiler

The SmartWatt Boiler is designed to provide the highest possible heating efficiency. At close to 97% (HHV) heating efficiency the SmartWatt Boiler SWB-6.0 is one of most efficient heating solutions for buildings and homes in the market. The high efficiency is possible thanks to a patented triple-condensing combustion chamber. Power The SmartWatt Boiler comes equipped with a seamlessly integrated generator. A closed loop, radial, micro steam turbine incorporated to the SWB-6.0 combustion chamber is designed to generate up to 6 kW of free electricity while heat is produced, protecting your home or business against the rising cost of electricity.

Backup power  The SmartWatt Boiler not only protects against rising electricity cost, it allows control of the things that matter most – your home and your business. This option allows you to power through outages no matter how long they last. When the power goes out, even for a few hours, life is disrupted and when it goes out for days life can be unbearable; no access to: heat, air conditioning, refrigeration, and light. Control your power and life with the continuous backup power feature embedded in the SmartWatt Boiler.

Compact and simple installation

At under 600 lbs and small enough to easily fit through 28” doorways, the SWB-6.0 makes installation fast and easy. Our technology can provide a plethora of solutions; energy upgrade, replacing old equipment, or new construction, the SmartWatt Boiler SWB-6.0 is the smart choice for your heating solution. Buildings that require heat year round are qualified for the most savings and fastest paybacks; examples include multifamily housing, lodging, restaurants, nursing homes, laundries, and many industrial processes.

The SWB-6.0 also is suitable for larger homes that require around 150,000 BTUh of heating solution.

Building automation system compatible
Need to connect to a building automation system? We’ve got you covered. With a ModBus communication protocol, the SmartWatt Boiler can be easily integrated into any building’s automation system.

Multi-fuel system
The SWB-6.0 is designed to run on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG), offering greater fuel flexibility. A simple adjustment performed by your installer is usually all that is required to switch fuel sources. An advanced model of the SWB-6.0 is planned to also run on hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG) providing renewable heat and electricity.

A boiler that generates electricity

97% overall efficiency
High-efficiency condensing boiler technology seamlessly combined with a Rankine cycle, closed-loop electricity generating turbine provides a combination of thermal and electrical performance unmatched in the industry.

Maintenance-free power
The SmartWatt Boiler’s electrical power generator is a sealed power system which requires no additional maintenance. The expander has a design life of 10 years with no overhaul or any major maintenance event

Easy, low-cost boiler maintenance
With easy-access panels and the low maintenance requirements of modern condensing boiler components, SmartWatt Boiler is inexpensive and easy to service. Heat-only mode Ultimate reliability is at the heart of the SmartWatt Boiler design. Redundant heat-only capability is a standard feature providing industry leading up-time.

Upgradeable to black-start, backup power capability
Interested in improving energy resiliency? SmartWatt Boiler system are designed with a black start / backup power upgradeable feature at a fraction of the cost compared to standby power generator.