Power for the People A boiler that generates electricity

A boiler that generates electricity

The next generation heating technology

The next generation heating technology

Heat, Power and Backup Power – All in One System

The energy world is rapidly changing. The growing process of decentralization, the integration of intermittent renewables and the digitalization of energy are profoundly transforming the ways electricity is generated, delivered, and consumed. The SmartWatt Boiler technology is designed to transform the existing heating infrastructure into an energy platform that satisfies the heating requirements of buildings and at the same time, generates near-zero-cost, onsite electricity, provides continuous backup power and supports the grid-operator by following power-loads in buildings and at the grid levels.


The SmartWatt Boiler is designed to provide the highest possible heating efficiency. At close to 97% (HHV) heating efficiency the SmartWatt Boiler SWB-6.0 is one of most efficient heating solutions for buildings and homes in the market. The high efficiency is possible thanks to a patented dual-con-densing combustion chamber.


The SmartWatt Boiler comes equipped with a seamlessly integrated generator. A closed loop, radial, micro steam turbined incorporated to the SWB-6.0 combustion chamber is designed to generate up to 6 kW of free electricity while heat is produced, protecting your home or business against the rising cost of electricity.

Backup power

The SmartWatt Boiler not only protects against rising electricity cost, it allows control of the things that matter most – your home and your business. This option allows you to power through outages no matter how long they last. Control your power and life with continuous backup power from the SmartWatt Boiler

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The SmartWatt Boiler is supported by

Supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) provides assistance and resources for developers of renewable and clean energy technologies. By mentoring entrepreneurs, CEBIP helps them establish successful enterprises to bring their technologies to market.

The Eversource Energy Center is a partnership of the University of Connecticut and Eversource, and is a leader in researching new technologies and science-based solutions for delivering reliable electric power. Enviro Power is working with the Center to establish research and pilot projects to investigate using micro Combined Heat and Electricity units to provide ancillary services to the electric grid.

Enviropower Technologies is part of the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program Connecticut
Enviropower Technologies is partnered with UConn
Enviropower Technologies is partnered with Eversource Energy