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The Power of Micro Co-Generation – A Conversation with Dan Nadav

Dan Nadav is the CEO of EnviroPower, a company that is innovating traditional technology...

Dan Nadav is the CEO of Enviro Power, a company that is innovating traditional technology to create a cheap, alternative approach to generating primary and secondary power from a unique modification to a boiler that is typically employed in homes and apartment buildings. We discuss how EnviroPower has developed a micro-generator solution that turns energy that ordinarily would be wasted into electricity, and how this approach avoids the challenges faced by other alternative forms of generation such as solar by building on equipment that’s already widely used. Our conversation explores the potential use cases for the SmartWatt technology, such as the ability to create virtual power plants from communities that network homes into a micro-grid. We also discuss the types of customers the company is working with, along with the attractive ROI.


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