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Next Generation Heating Technology

40% of the total U.S. energy consumption in buildings is used for heating.
Much of this heat is produced inefficiently, resulting in excess CO2 emissions.
Enviro Power revolutionizes the heat production,
making it efficient & smart

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Every home needs heat

Our heating technology, the SmartWatt Boiler, is the next generation heating technology. Producing high efficiency heat while generating cleaner and inexpensive electricity, the SmartWatt Boiler, is designed to generate significant savings on operating-cost for home owners, landlords and grid operators and reduce the carbon footprint for millions of buildings. We save billions of dollars in annual operating cost and reduce CO2 emission annually by over 105 million tons.

The SmartWatt Boiler is supported by

Enviropower Technologies is partnered with Eversource Energy
Enviropower Technologies is partnered with UConn
Enviropower Technologies is part of the New York State of Opportunity Program
Enviropower Technologies is part of the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program Connecticut

Supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) provides assistance and resources for developers of renewable and clean energy technologies. By mentoring entrepreneurs, CEBIP helps them establish successful enterprises to bring their technologies to market.

The Eversource Energy Center is a partnership of the University of Connecticut and Eversource, and is a leader in researching new technologies and science-based solutions for delivering reliable electric power. Enviro Power is working with the Center to establish research and pilot projects to investigate using micro Combined Heat and Electricity units to provide ancillary services to the electric grid.