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SmartWatt Boiler Technology

… is designed to meet a wide variety of heating needs.  From space heating with hydronic or forced hot air systems, to domestic hot water and pool heating, we’ve got you covered.  Do you have a commercial application that needs process heat, or dehumidification re-heat?  Think SmartWatt.  Or need a heating system that keeps up with peaks in demand?  With hot water storage tanks that integrate seamlessly with a SmartWatt Boiler, we’ve got you covered with that, too.

How it works
SmartWatt operates similar to other modern heating equipment – except while it’s producing the heat you need, its also generating electricity.  And because the electricity you generate yourself with SmartWatt is significantly less expensive than electricity from the grid, you save money on your electric bill whenever your SmartWatt runs.  SmartWatt, at its core, is a state-of-the-art high-efficiency condensing boiler, to which we’ve added a simple Rankine cycle power system to generate electricity.

State-of-the-art technology
The SmartWatt Boiler is designed from the ground up with best-in-class heat and power-generation technologies.  From the combustion chamber to the power generator, SmartWatt is designed to maximize efficiency, be easy to service, and be the first ever boiler that pays for itself with savings.

Compact and simple installation
At under 300 lbs. and small enough to easily fit through 28” doorways, SmartWatt makes installation fast and easy.

Building Automation System compatible
Need to connect to a building automation system?  We’ve got you covered.  With a ModBus communication protocol, SmartWatt can be easily integrated to any building automation system.

Whether replacing old equipment, performing an energy upgrade, or planning new construction, a SmartWatt boiler is the smart choice for your heating solution.  In business applications, the most savings and fastest paybacks are in buildings that need heat year-round; examples include multifamily housing, lodging, restaurants, nursing homes, laundries, and may industrial processes.

Contact us for a free analysis of your site and utility bills to determine how much you can be saving every year.

SmartWatt Boiler by EnviroPower
martWatt Boiler by EnviroPower
martWatt Boiler by EnviroPower

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