The Benefits of SmartWatt

Save Money
With an overall efficiency of 95% (85% heat production and 10% electricity generation), SmartWatt provides a combination of thermal and electrical performance unmatched in the industry – saving you money on both your gas and electric bills.

Be Empowered
Why pay expensive generation, distribution, and demand charges for electricity, when you can generate some of it in your own home or building for a lot less?

Greener Electricity
Every kilowatt-hour of electricity generated by SmartWatt produces less that half the CO2 emissions than the electricity you’re buying from the grid.  That means that each year you operate a single commercial SmartWatt, you reduce your CO2 emissions by more than 14 metric tons – the equivalent of taking more than 3 cars off the road.

Backup Power
With the ability to generate electricity and an integrated battery pack, residential SmartWatt gives you the peace of mind knowing you and your family will have the heat, hot water, and backup power you need the next time the grid goes down – and without the expense, hassle, or noise of a separate generator.

Affordable Pricing
SmartWatt may be more affordable than you think, with pricing competitive with other modern high-efficiency condensing boilers.

Maintenance-Free Power
The SmartWatt Boiler’s electrical power generator is a sealed power system that requires no additional maintenance.

Easy, Low-Cost Maintenance
With easy-access panels and the low maintenance requirements of modern condensing boiler components, SmartWatt is inexpensive and easy to service.

Heat-Only Mode
Ultimate reliability is at the heart of the SmartWatt Boiler design.  The ability to operate in heat-only mode as a standard feature provides industry-leading up-time.

Upgradeable to Black-Start Capability
Need resiliency for your business?  We’ve got you covered with that, too.  All SmartWatt commercial units are black-start upgradeable when the upgrade kit becomes available.

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